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New Dashboard page for admins

We've just released the Dashboard page for admins on our Portal. 馃帀

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 12 04 44#

It counts with:

  • An area where you can see queries running now;
  • An area with all queries waiting for review;
  • A list of total queries organised by their status, where you can filter by days;
  • And above it all, it's possible to visualise things by specific connections and users.

Next steps:

  • Watch for use and improve the current features;
  • Listen to users' feedback to understand more filters possibilities;
  • Study the next kind of data we want to show to develop on this page;
  • Fancy-pants graphs 馃帺馃搳.

Runops Releases #26

We moved a lot of furniture from place to place, and we found better locations for lots of stuff in our Portal. So get some water and get ready!

Starting with the new templates and reviews page. If you thought, "oh, nice, now they have a review and templates page!" Well, that's why we moved it there, it wasn't new, it was just a bit hidden.

Templates page#


We introduced a new experience for Templates, and now you can see and execute your templates from this new page with much more control than before. This page shows all templates available for you and lets you run and see the results right away.

Reviews page#

reviews page

Not only have we moved it to a dedicated page, but we also let you know in advance if some of your colleagues need your review on something.

Users and agents#


As a design decision, from now on (if you're an admin), you can find the page to manage your users and see your agents on the settings page.

Runops Releases #25

We are improving some visualizations and adding some really cool features to Runops. So ensure you have your seat belt and take that sip of water to stay hydrated while we go through the news!

New layout on Targets visualization

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 13 44 56

We added a card visualization, and now it's possible to filter specific targets by their type and/or review type.

"Oh no, I liked the list visualization. What do I do now?" We got you; we didn't remove the list visualization. You just need to select which is the right for you on the right side, like it's shown in this image below

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 13 47 04

Next steps We intend to improve the experience on this page and make its audience bigger by allowing non-admin users to access it to use it as a doorway to the targets they are allowed to see and run their scripts.

Kill task In the details of a task, you can kill a task if these two rules are true: it's your task (you're the owner), and the task has the status running. If these are true, a button will show up. This action is an attempt to kill task, and it's not guaranteed that the task will be canceled.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 13 51 49

Copy task URL to clipboard We added a small action to copy to task URL to your clipboard just at the side of its ID.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 13 54 13

That's all for now!


Runops Releases #24

We got some updates on the new task page for y'all!

  • We did some design updates and added some features to the new task page. So buckle up because it's the first step to improving a lot more stuff in there:
  • We added a fancy pants Combobox component to the application, so you can search for all your targets and make your workflow smoother while switching and selecting targets 馃暫
  • Proportion and use of space were adjusted in a way you can better visualize the logs of your tasks. We managed to decrease just a little of space from the editor but make a substantial increase of space in the logs, using the same total area 馃憖
  • Selecting a target was placed on top of where the schema for your MySQL and Postgres database is loaded to improve the organization in the page 馃搫
  • For every target you select, we change the URL so you can save that link and always have direct access to the targets you work with the most 馃敆

Next steps

  • We still want to improve the use of space in the logs area, so some new design updates are coming on the tab component and in the actions of that page;
  • We aim to make this page very close to an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), so many more exciting features and improvements are under development or discussion.

Stay tuned 馃摶

Here's a quick GIF showing this experience and two screenshots comparing how it was and how it is now:

GIF showing the Combobox experience: new-design-updates-new-task

How it was: Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 14 40 53

How it is: Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 14 41 24

Runops Releases #23

The new year is here we want to celebrate with you sharing exciting new features that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Happy 2022 and let's dive in!

Run tasks in the Runops Portal#

Use a large canvas to edit your scripts, logs loading automatically right bellow, and all your history of executions accessible as you run things.

When you are done with a Target, easily switch targets to run different scripts.

Wanna re-run a script from yesterday?

Filter you history to find the script you need and re-execute a task with 2 clicks!

Hit cmd (mac) / win (windows) + enter to run your script from the canvas.

Here is a quick video of Matheus showing all these features in action:

Slack workflows#

No need to copy and paste the same script everyday anymore.

If you have a script you need to run every day like database check or a financial report, you can now use the Runops step in Slack Workflows to schedule the execution of a task with a few clicks, all within Slack.

After the setup you get a message from the Runops bot with the results of your task every day at the configured time.

Check out this video on how to setup:

You can also use the Runops workflow step to create shortcuts.

Use Shortcuts to make scripts such as a report or a db check accessible trough a button available in the Slack chat panel.

The Runops bot speaks SQL!#

If you like running tasks from Slack you will love this one. Now you can chat with the Runops bot using SQL! That is correct, you send SQL or any script in the chat and the bot replies with the results.

Here is how to use it:

  1. List the available Targets by typing targets
  2. Select a target by typing target my-target-name
  3. Start sending your script and get the results back for each message!

Check out this video for more details on how to use it:

Improved Agent reliability#

We released multiple enhancements to the Agent communication with the API.

The latest Agent version has increased capabilities in terms of how long a task can last, the size of scripts and outputs it can handle, and many other enhancements and bug fixes.

If you aren't using the latest version already, we highly recommend you upgrade your agents.

You can find the latest version along with the full details of the changes here:

Welcome NodeJS!#

You can now run NodeJS scripts in Runops. Many of you use Python or Ruby to create more complex automations, but now you can also use NodeJS.

You can see the list of npm packages available here: - feel free to ask for new packages or contribute with suggestions.

Web signup#

New organizations can now signup for Runops from the browser.

Before this release new organizations were only able to signup from our CLI. Many people love the CLI experience, but this is not the case for everyone.

So go ahead and tell your friends from other companies that they should be using Runops and can start here:


That is it for this update.

As always, please let us know of any feedback, suggestion, comment, or anything that comes to mind.

See you next time!

Runops Releases #22

Presenting: The Runops Web App!#

You can now use Runops in the browser! The web app experience is live for a few weeks and the feedback has been fantastic. Here are some of the things users love in the web app:

Tasks Inbox

You can view your Tasks' history in a simple, yet powerful list. In the Tasks' detail view you can see review information, script, and logs!

Admins using the web app can manage users, targets and agents!

  • Create, deactivate, and update users' groups.
  • Create and update Targets.
  • See your organizations' connected agents and metadata.

Welcome groups, farewell #

Now, instead of controlling access to Targets using roles, and reviews with teams, you use only one property:聽groups. Plus, we added the capability of聽controlling access to templates using groups.

Reliability Enhancements#

We made some structural changes in the last few weeks to Runops. Despite the size of the changes, most of you didn't even notice it. This is because we invested a lot of time in improving our reliability. We are not only fixing problems faster when they happen, but even fixing them before you notice. Some of these improvements include:

  • Runops Agent runtime instrumentation. The Runops Agent now loads and exports runtime configurations. This improves our visibility into problems and increases our abilities to fix problems in the agent without involving your team.

  • Central monitoring tool. All our systems now use the same central error monitoring and tracking system. This system makes sure that we get notifications for any problem that happens in any system. Notifications include all the metadata on the problem, including the individual user and organization. This is why you get messages from our team when you have problems even before you think about reaching out.

Welcome Groups, farewell Teams and Roles

We simplified the Runops authorization mechanism!

Now, instead of controlling access to Targets using roles, and reviews with teams, you use only one property: groups.

Plus, we added the capability of controlling access to templates using groups.

What are groups?#

Groups are a simple concept to grasp and will enable us to add even more powerful features in the future. In a nutshell, you add users to one or more groups. Groups can map to your teams, squads, locations, anything you want. With these groups, you then manage access to Target, Reviews, Templates, and more. It's a very light and easy to use RBAC mechanism.

What do you have to do?#

Nothing. We migrated all your teams and roles to the groups property.

You don't have to do anything.

Just use groups the same way you used teams and roles from now on.

What about Roles and Teams?#

The fields team and 'roles` of the user are still there. They are now only metadata about the user to help identify the user in the Slack review card. These fields won't be use for decisions anymore.

When does this ship?#

We are rolling out this feature over the next couple days. We have been using it for a few weeks and it's amazing! Your organization should get it soon.

Where can I learn more?#

Check out the docs to learn more, and please let us know what you think.

See you later!

Runops Releases #21

Runops REPL!#

No more typing the same boilerplate when running Tasks. Targets without reviews return the logs of a Task right the way. We added a new command to the CLI:聽runops tasks repl聽 -, where you can start an interactive session with your Target. In the REPL session, you only type the script option and get the results. It's simple. The REPL also supports multiline scripts. Here is a preview of how it works:

You can read more here:聽

CSV output#

You can now configure different output formats for Mysql and Postgres database Targets. These types show tabular results by default, great for quick consumption in Slack or the CLI. However, for more advanced analysis, it's best to be able to open the results in a spreadsheet. So you can use the configuration聽FIELD_SEPARATOR聽to set different separators for the output. For instance: setting the separator to: ","聽- will generate a beautiful CSV ready to be open in Excel or other spreadsheet apps.

Custom type for Templates#

You can set the type of the Task for a Template using the file name. Runops will try to match the extension of the file to a valid type. For example, the file "my-query.MySQL"聽as a Template creates a Task of type聽MySQL聽even if the Target is of type "AWS"聽or "python". This is a great way to simplify Templates execution for Targets that support multiple integration types. Also, with the type attached to the Template, you don't have to set it when running a Template from Slack or the CLI.

New integrations#

Hashicorp Vault You can now use Runops to interact with Hashicorp Vault. This is great for automating one-off tasks such as creating database users for new applications. Using a Template, you enable everyone to run sensitive operations in Vault that only executes after review. So, instead of doing everything yourself, you become a reviewer, taking way less of your time while still keeping security and compliance in place.

Kubernetes + Rails Use the k8s-rails type to enable access to the Rails console of applications running on Kubernetes. Then, using the Runops REPL, you authenticate with Google and get an experience similar to the Rails console. Zero hassle and risks of distributing SSH keys, Kubernetes credentials, VPNs, and other things required to get a shell running side-by-side with your production application.

Version checker in the CLI#

You will get a message when a new version of the CLI is available. This is because the CLI checks the latest version in the most used commands. The check happens in parallel, so there is no impact on the execution latency of your commands. The message stops showing up after you update the CLI.

PII data redact configuration#

You can now disable the automatic redacting of PII data for specific Targets. Set the聽redact聽option in the Target to "none"聽to remove redacting, or聽"all"聽to remove all sensitive data. The "all" option聽is the default. For now, only聽all聽and聽none聽are available. You will be able to fine-tune redact specific data types in the future.

Other Enhancements#

We removed the tutorial from "runops login"聽command. It only shows up in the聽runops signup聽option now. You can use the PUT users API endpoint using the email to identify the user. This is useful for integrations to activate/deactivate users from your internal systems without the Runops user id. The new Runops agent is now the default for the hosted and self-hosted options when creating new Targets.

Runops Releases #20

We are excited to announce many of the top requested features that we released over the last few weeks. Let's dive in!

Runops API is out#

You can start using the Runops API to build automations and integrate them with your existing tools. The list of endpoints and their specification is available in the docs ( One use case requested by many of you was the user management API to integrate existing employee credentials provisioning systems, and we released it!

User management#

You can now add, update, and remove users using the Runops CLI. The create users option is an additional way to bring new members to Runops, in addition to the self-register option from Slack and CLI. You can also update user's status to activate/deactivate accounts and change users' teams and roles.

Role-based access control#

Control who can access what Targets. You can now group Targets into roles and attach these roles to users. A user only sees the Targets allowed by their roles.

Kubernetes Secrets support#

You can now store secrets and configurations in your Kubernetes Cluster secrets. In addition to Hashicorp Vault and AWS Secrets Manager, this new secrets storage mechanism makes it easier to get started before you move to a proper Secrets Manager.

馃帹 Improved outputs in the CLI#

You won't see JSON outputs as the result of commands anymore. The CLI now displays all outputs as tables. When creating Targets or running Tasks with reviews, the CLI displays all the information you need in an easy-to-read table.

鉁旓笍Improved validations for Tasks execution#

You will get a detailed error message when a specific secret or configuration is missing for a given Target type. The agent now performs an extensive set of validations before running a Task. Works both when creating a Target or running Tasks.

馃攲 New integrations#

You can use a range of new integrations in Runops. Use bash for running arbitrary shell commands. With k8s-apply you provide a YAML, and Runops applies it to Kubernetes clusters (we are using this one internally). Use rails to access a Rails application and rails-console get a Rails console experience, but with all the controls of Runops. You can check the complete list of integration in the docs:

馃搼 Revamped docs#

You will have a better navigation experience in the documentation. Find dedicated sections to end-users and operators in the menu. The docs also got additional guides detailing the Kubernetes Secrets support. Check it out:聽

馃悰 Bug fixes#

Fixed bug in redact logic that broke emails format.

Runops Releases #19

We have been working hard the past couple of weeks to get this release out, and it's finally here! The new Runops agent is available, and it brings huge improvements to the Runops experience. We also launched a new version of the web app to get metrics and graphs on the Tasks executed and manage users' status. Let's dive in!

馃弾 10x improvement to execution time: from 50 to 5 seconds#

The new Runops agent brings the execution time from 50 to 5 seconds. The experience in the CLI got closer to the interactive experience of directly accessing a database or container. Slack users won't even notice a delay anymore.

馃洶 Simplified deployment model#

One instance of the new agent can execute Tasks from N Targets. This means that there is no need to set up a new agent for every new Target you add to Runops. Using a tagging system, you can configure which Targets run on which agents. A typical pattern is setting up one agent per environment and then using these same agents every time you need to add a new Target to Runops.

馃攼 Secret Managers integrations#

You can now keep your secrets in the Secrets Management solution of your choice. There is no need to add Secrets to Runops anymore. Your secrets stay in your vault, and the new Runops agent will pull a temporary credential to execute Tasks. We already support Hashicorp Vault and AWS Secrets Managers, with GCP Secrets Manager and other providers coming soon.

馃搱 Metrics, Graphs, and Users Management in the web app#

The revamped admin app has metrics and graphs that enable you to understand how your company uses Runops to access infrastructure. You get average review times and which teams are more active, besides the complete picture of Tasks and their details. Now you can also activate or deactivate users in the Users Management section.

馃悶 Error logs in Slack#

We fixed a bug that prevented you from seeing the result logs of Tasks that failed in Slack. The logs were sent as binary, and you had to download them and open them on your computer to see why the Task failed. Now we send results as text. You will see what happened in case of success or failure directly in Slack.

Runops Releases #18

馃摎 Revamped documentation website#

We completely revamped the Runops documentation website. It's now easier to navigate and has a better design. We also enabled the chat support widget to the docs. Now you can reach out anywhere in the docs to talk to us. The new website is also hosting our blog, where the Releases and other articles are shared.

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #17

馃幆 Select Task type in Slack#

You can now override the type of a Task in Slack. We added a new menu option that you can use to change the type from what is set in the Target when creating a Task in Slack. It's an optional field, so if you don't provide it, the type set in the Target is used.

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #16




Improved logs experience in Slack, Targets pagination in Slack, improved analytics and security#

馃搥 Logs in Slack#

We improved the delivery of logs in Slack. The Task logs are now delivered as an attached file to Slack for logs with less than 5MB in size. You can see the results directly in the message instead of having to download a file to your computer and open it. The download link continues to work for logs with more than 5MB in size.

馃幆 Targets pagination in Slack#

We added a button to the Slack Tasks execution UI that let you paginate Targets. This is useful for organizations with more than 100 Targets. By default the UI will load the first 100 Targets and you can use this button to load the next 100 Targets in the org.

馃И Improved analytics and security#

This task has no direct impact to how you use Runops today. We worked on improving the measurements of the app to further improve your experience and had an external party perform a penetration test to the Runops API. The results were great, let us know if you want to get access to the report.

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #15




馃獩 Enhanced Templates execution#

We fixed a bug that prevented Templates from running when the number of Templates in the Github repository increased. Templates now run faster and there is no limit to the number of Templates in the repository. We also updated the CLI experience: the Templates list now return just the names and to get the parameters of the Template we created a new command: runops templates get --name {template-name}. This makes it easier to read the output in the terminal and also helps for a faster Templates experience.

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #14




ECS exec Tasks, CLI Sign Up, Compliance enforcement, and major CLI experience improvements.#

馃搰 ECS Exec commands integration#

You can now use Runops to access running containers in AWS ECS, using the ECS exec feature recently launched by AWS. This means that you can get a shell inside ECS containers without bastion hosts or exposing your private network to the internet. The access happens trough the AWS internal infrastructure. You get the all the auditing capabilities of Runops along with the AWS Cloud Watch trails for every command. It's a great alternative to manage and control access to the Rails and Elixir consoles in production.

馃拡 Sign up from the CLI#

We are really excited about this feature! Anyone can Sign Up for Runops directly from our CLI. New organizations get created when the first user in the company signs up with a company email. Users joining existing organizations can also use the CLI to do so. The runops signup command in the CLI will route an user to the right workflow. We will identify the organization from the company's email domain. The approval mechanism in Slack for users joining an existing organization stays the same.

馃崶 Major CLI experience improvements#

The admin experience is way better in the CLI. The CLI now requires the minimum amount of parameter for any operation. You can do things like add new secrets, update runner, change the type, all providing only what you meant to change. Before this update you had to provide parameters you were not changing like the type and review mode for every command. We also cleaned up null values present in json-formated responses.

Compliance-enforced reviews#

The teams review mode got a new compliance enforcement feature: the creator of a Task can't review their own Tasks. This is important for companies that have resources with shared responsability across teams and require this type of locking mechanism.

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #13




This week we focused on a big improvement to the logs!

馃Ы Gigantic logs improvement#

We removed all the clutter present in the logs of every Task. Now the logs from your tasks will get just what came back from your command. No additional clutter making it hard to find the cause of a problem or the results you were actually looking for in the logs. Enjoy!

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #12




Big improvements to logs, Azure and Terraform integrations, create tasks from Slack, and more!#

Another week packed with big enhancements to Runops! Let's dive in 馃た

馃 Unlimited task log size#

We removed the 5MB limit to the size of Task result logs. For large results that don't fit in a Slack message or Terminal stream, we will send a temporary URL where you can download the logs from. Now you can run tasks with no limits to the result logs size.

馃獰 Azure and Terraform integrations#

We released integrations for the Azure CLI and Terraform. Now you can automate Terraform deployments and access the Azure CLI from Runops.

馃挰 Create Tasks from Slack#

The Runops bot in Slack got a new command: /runops tasks. It enables you to create Tasks from Slack. You can create SQL or any type of Task, get reviews, and run them from Slack. If you don't love the CLI interface, you don't have to use it anymore :)

馃М CSV output for Mysql and Postgres#

Now you can set a Target to return CSV formatted outputs for Postgres and Mysql. You can set the type of the Target to mysql-csv or postgres-csv and that is it. And remember: you can always override whatever type is set in the Target when creating a Task: pass in the type (-y) flag when creating the Task from the CLI.

馃檹 Thanks#

That is it for this week, we'll see you next week with more Releases.

As always, please let us know of any feedback or comments you might have on Runops.


Runops Releases #11




CLI OAuth 2.0 authentication and data security improvements#

馃攼 CLI OAuth 2.0 authentication#

Now you can authenticate in the Runops CLI using Google, Github, or a custom username + password of your choice. This is an improvement over the previous key-based authentication. Now we only store Bearer tokens locally. Tokens expire and get renewed often. You can now use additional authentication factors trough Google and Github integratinos.

鈵 Data security improvements#

We removed all potentially sensitive data access by Runops. The logs from your tasks now get PII redacted before they touch any storage mechanism. Now besides not storing or having access to your secrets, we apply the same principles to your data.

Runops Releases #10




Create new users from Slack and synchronous Tasks execution.#

This week brings two important updates that will make Runops a lot better.

馃挰 Create new users from Slack#

Now everyone in your Slack workspace can join Runops, automatically! Anyone can type the /runops register command anywhere. We will ask for a few extra information and notify an admin. After the admin approval, the user is ready to use Runops! All happening within Slack.

鈵 Synchronous commands#

When you create a Task with the CLI or Slack, they will run and return the logs automatically for Tasks without reviews. This is great for user Runops as a replacement to the CLIs you use today to access things in real-time. Type a command and get the results, just like you do using the tools directly, but with all the goodies of Runops.

Runops Releases #7




Big week: non-technical workflow in Slack, CLI 0.2.0, better Task statuses, and more. I'm excited, this was one of our biggest weeks for releases.

With today's releases, we enable non-technical workflows. Non-engineers can start leveraging Runops! Making a SQL query or a python script available for Customer Success or Product Managers to run from Slack now takes 10 seconds: just add the script to Git!

馃殌 We released Templates in Slack#

Simply run /runops templates anywhere in Slack to get started. You can select the template from a dropdown and we will create a dynamic modal with one input field for each parameter in your Template.

馃挰 Run Tasks and receive Logs in Slack#

You can start Tasks executions from Slack. When a Task is fully approved we send you a button to trigger the Task run. After the Task finishes executing, you will get the logs in a file from the Runops bot.

馃懢 CLI 0.2.0 is even easier to run tasks!#

With the release of the version 0.2.0 of the CLI, the type and message flags are optional when creating Tasks. Now you only need to provide the Target and the script. Quickly run scripts on Targets without reviews, we get out of the way: runops tasks create -t test-db -s 'select 1' To make the experience more consistent, we moved the -t flag from the type to the target, as type isn't going to be used much now. You can still use it to override the type from the Target using the -y option.

馃殾 Improved Task status feedback#

Now you get a notification in Slack about the status of your Tasks. Both failure and success outcomes are updated in the Task so you can check them in the CLI, admin UI, or Slack. 鈻讹笍 Autorun Tasks Tasks that require no review will automatically run when created. You can get the results back from a script with 2 commands now instead of 3.

鈿欙笍 Other improvements and bug fixes#

馃悶 Fixed bug for list Targets and Tasks on older Mac versions 馃懢 Improved install script with npm config checks and input for key 馃摎 Simplified Getting Started guide

Check out all previous releases [here]([[鈿欙笍 Runops Releases]]). As always, let us know what you think! Any thoughts, comments, critiques, are very welcome.

Runops Releases #6




This is a special week.

We launched on Product Hunt, check it out!

Some of the updates:

  • 馃殌 Partial support to running Templates in Slack, let us know if you want early access.
  • 馃悩 馃悕 Added 2 new Task types: Postgres with python and MongoDB, check them out
  • 馃悶 Fixed bug of large Tasks not showing up in the admin UI
  • 馃搱 Added Segment analytics to our backend API

Comments, critiques, feedbacks, all welcome; drop them in the chat at the bottom-right corner.

Runops Releases #5




Great week, here are some of the highlights:

  • 馃エ Added Templates interactions in Slack: list and help (more coming next week!)
  • 馃毃 Improved error messages for Task reviews
  • 馃摬 Send notification to the creator of a Task when it's fully approved
  • 鈿欙笍 Get new self-hosted runner tokens for existing Targets
  • 馃洜 Improvements to our logging system for faster troubleshooting

Let us know what you think!

Runops Releases #4




Packed week!

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • 馃弮 Create self-hosted runner tokens in the CLI
  • 馃幆 Configure Slack review channel per Target
  • 鈿欙笍 Opt-in to use the Runops-distributed Slack app We also:
  • 馃摎 Improved Quick Start guides
  • 馃挰 Fixed bugs in the Slack channel name validation

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts, let us know! 鉂わ笍

Runops Releases #3




A few more updates of the past few weeks:

  • 馃懢 Improved the experience of the CLI install script
  • 馃幆 You can now configure Targets to skip reviews! This is great to provide access to read-only resources and leveraging the PII data filter.
  • 馃懆鈥嶐煄 We revamped our landing page
  • 馃挰 Improvements to our Slack app integration (OAuth 2.0 flow and interactivities)
  • 馃帴 New videos with demos of the product {{[[video]]:}} Let us know what you think!

Runops Releases #2




More updates!

  • 馃殌 We released the Templates feature.
  • 馃懢 Added support to kubectl Tasks
  • 鈿★笍 Major stability and performance enhancements
  • 馃椇 Improved docs navigation with indexes and menus
  • 馃幆 Added support to optional reviews for specific Targets
  • 馃毀 Removed annoying message about GET requests from some CLI commands

As always, please let us know what you think!

Runops Releases #1




Sharing a few updates we made in the last few days to make sure you don't miss them:

  • 馃幆 Create, list, and update Targets using the CLI
  • 馃摑 You can read an early version of the docs for Tasks Templates
  • 馃敀 We published the docs on how to connect to private Targets using Bastion hosts
  • 馃椇 Major refactoring in the QuickStart and other guides after many usability tests
  • 馃毀 Improvements to error messages in the CLI for various error scenarios, including validations on Tasks before they get created (Target names, Slack integration, and others).

Feel free to reach out at any time to let us know what you think of some features, or if you have any questions, or just to say hi.

See you around, stay hydrated!馃挧